When you buy a Volvo, chances are that you know exactly how safe your car is by comparison to the rest of the automotive industry. The hallmark of the Swedish manufacturer's cars is safety, both in the form of protection from collisions, and in the form of preventative technologies that provide the driver with information and assistance that help to avoid accidents.

That prevention doesn't just apply to your passengers, either. Recent features have extended those protections to pedestrians along your path. A Volvo with the new Pedestrian Detection technology uses a digital camera and radar to spot pedestrians in your path and automatically brake if there's a danger of running into them. It's hard to argue with the safety record of a vehicle that's designed to protect random passers-by.

The security of driving a Volvo doesn't mean accidents won't happen, however. If your car winds up in need of repair, you'll want to know that it's just as safe and efficient coming out of the shop as it was before the repair was needed. Volvo-certified parts and labor by technicians who have in-depth knowledge of the many computerized systems within your car are the two crucial elements to ensure the end result is up to your standards.

Choosing Upstate Imports Auto Repair in Baldwinsville and Syracuse to fix your Volvo is a simple way to achieve that. The facility's factory trained technicians will provide you with the engineering expertise, reliability, and attention to detail that made you choose a Volvo in the first place.​