We do more than IMS bearing because we perform maintenance and both major and minor repairs on all Porsche models and years. We are also the only repair shop in the area that uses the PIWIS II scan tool for programming (including keys), coding, and diagnostics. Check out our location to see if our garage is near you

PORSCHE - We have extensive training obtained from the best Porsche technicians in the business: 
All of our Porsche work is performed at our Baldwinsville Location

Jake Raby from Flat 6 Innovations
Charles Navarro from LN Engineering,
Tony Callas from Callas Rennsport 

and we are proud to be the only
Certified and Authorized IMS Solution Installer in New York State!

Porsche 911 being taken apart to be fixed in Syracuse, NY
A classic white Porsche outside of Upstate Imports sign in Syracuse, NY

The name “Porsche” is synonymous with the words “luxury” and “performance” and truly is one of the world’s finest automobiles. These exceptional cars have been impressing their owners in Central New York for decades and will continue to do so for decades to come. We know that a problem many Porsche owners encounter is locating a specialist shop to care for their vehicles. Upstate Imports is the solution to this problem. For expert service and repairs, trust Upstate’s skilled technicians to keep your car operating at peak levels of performance.

How does our team accomplish this task? By utilizing their skills, training and state of the art tools combined with years of hands on experience. The tools our team uses include the conventional wrenches and lifts you would expect, but also includes the latest in diagnostic equipment. This capability is essential so that we may evaluate the digital messages stored in your car’s computer then remedy any detected problems. Without accurate diagnostics, your car’s malfunctions could remain undiscovered, resulting in a sub-standard driving experience.

​When our team at Upstate Imports repairs or services your Porsche they are certain to use only Porsche approved replacement parts. We know that the quality of our work, and your ultimate satisfaction, depend upon proper part selection and installation. Inferior components may even cause performance issues and, after all, isn’t that the reason you bought a Porsche, for great performance? Contact us now to schedule the service and repair work that your car deserves!

Two classic Porsche models in the parking lot of Upstate Imports
Modern and classic Porsche vehicles outside of Auto Imports in Syracuse, NY

This Porsche 911 (996) Turbo received, turbo upgrades, better turbo charge tubing, pinned the coolant pipes, GT2 clutch hydraulics and and tune to match all the upgrades