Mercedes was founded way back in 1926. Their business has had the long running goal of producing the finest luxury cars in the world. Many car owners in Baldwinsville or Syracuse see that this is the case as these cars are quite well loved by luxury car admirers. Upstate Imports Mercedes service team that we have here are amongst this group as they love looking at, working on and perfecting these cars. They do that with ongoing training and the use of the most advanced equipment around.

The Mercedes slogan is ‘Das Beste oder nichts.’ For those that don’t speak German that translates to ‘The best or nothing.’ Our Mercedes service team at Upstate Imports agrees with this sentiment as they are sure to use the best replacement parts in Syracuse. Not only do you need the best parts to live up to the design of the original engineers, you need them to make sure that your Mercedes performs as well as it did the day it left the factory. Why settle for less than ‘das beste’ when you can come to us at Baldwinsville or Syracuse.

Our Mercedes service team rely on their training and experience to fix your car, along with one other vital piece of equipment - our computerized diagnostic equipment. This is an increasingly important piece of equipment as Mercedes continues to innovate digitally. Your car needs to be taken care of completely, handling this digital side must be an aspect of your car care plan. Come to us at Upstate Imports in Baldwinsville or Syracuse for the complete service job that your Mercedes needs.