We’re willing to bet that your Mini Cooper is more than just some car to you. They’re fun to drive, get great mileage and are really sexy looking cars! Upstate Imports Auto Repair wants to help you keep your Mini on the roads around Baldwinsville and Syracuse for as long as possible with the Mini repair and service work you need. We believe that it is possible for your Mini to hit 180,000 miles with the right repair work at the right time! Are you up for that?

When you look at your Mini do you see a high tech driving machine with new age computer systems? You should! Your Mini repair job will involve communication with the 20 to 35 onboard computers that are capable of storing 20 to 50 different trouble codes. Upstate Imports Auto Repair meets that high tech equipment with our own high tech computer diagnostic equipment. In today’s computer controlled world you can’t get by without the best, we are sure to keep the equipment at our Baldwinsville and Syracuse shop up to date so that we can service your Mini to the highest of standards.

The Mini Cooper line has expanded to include some exciting new models: Coupe, convertible, Roadster, Clubman and Countryman. Lou's Car Care Center is able to service each of these exciting models as we are truly dedicated to being the best Mini repair shop in the  area.

We don’t stop at just being able to fix your Mini, we also provide exceptional customer service. We don’t neglect the importance of hiring support staff who really want to help our customers. That’s why we’re considered such a great Mini repair shop, we’re full service from start to finish!