Upstate Imports Auto Repair is the only Independent auto repair shop in NYS that has the Genuine Lotus Techcentre scan tool to diagnose and repair your Lotus.

All of our Lotus work is performed at our Baldwinsville Location

Whether you want routine maintenance or you want a turbo or supercharger kit installed, we do it all.Type your paragraph here.

Few cars make people think of the words ‘luxury’ and ‘performance’ like every single car made by Lotus does. These incredible cars have been wowing car owners in Baldwinsville and Syracuse for decades now, and are sure to do so for as long as there are still Lotus on the road. What’s even better is that those who buy a Lotus can bring it to us at Upstate Imports Auto Repair for the expert service and repairs needed to keep these cars at their peak levels of performance.

How our team at Upstate Imports Auto Repair is able to do this is by using their skills, training and exceptional tools. Years of training and hands on experience has honed their skills so sharp we’re sometimes afraid to touch them! The tools our team uses includes the regular wrenches and lifts you’d expect, but also includes the latest in computerized diagnostic equipment as well. This is essential as you need to have the digital side of your car taken care of. Without this well taken care of you can’t expect your car to drive around Baldwinsville and Syracuse as quickly and efficiently as you want it to.

When our team at Upstate Imports repairs or services your Lotus they’re sure to use the best Lotus service replacement parts available in Baldwinsville and Syracuse. All of our work will go to waste if great pats aren’t used as they will break down and may even cause performance issues. Isn’t that why you bought a Lotus, for great performance? Call us up for the Lotus service and repair work that your car deserves!

We also perform 4 wheel alignments, Road Force tire balancing and brake fluid flushs